Tired of drinking the watery so-called beer from local and regional industrial breweries, which at the time was all that was available in Barbados, Founder and CEO Charles Mackenzie decided to start brewing his own beer at home.  In 2013, after his home brews became more and more popular with family and friends, he decided to take an old forty foot shipping container and convert it into a small brewery where he could further develop his passion. Purchasing an electric 200 liter brewing system started what at that time was The Brewhouse.

To avoid hand bottling and labeling 200 liters of beer, initially all of the beer was sold in 5 liter mini-kegs to just one or two restaurants. However the need for bottled beer became painfully evident after a very short time so Mackenzie set about building his own semi-automated, counter pressure bottle filler able to fill 4 bottles at a time.  Labeling was still all done by hand.  This bottle filler is still used on occasion to this day for bottling small experimental batches.  Brewing, bottling, labeling and delivering soon became too much for Mackenzie to do on his own and The Brewhouse hired its first employee in 2018.

As anyone who has commercially brewed on such a small system would know, the Brewhouse was a labour of love. After four years of back breaking work and tens of thousands of liters of beer brewed on this small system, it was painfully evident that the situation couldn't continue as it was. A decision had to be made to either shut the brewery down or massively scale it up.  Not being afraid of a little risk, Mackenzie decided to completely reinvent the brewery by rebranding it from The Brewhouse to Dreadhop Brewing, scaling it up by a factor of ten and relocating it to a new building next door.  Dreadhop Brewing was born at the end of 2019 with a new state of the art, steam heated, four vessel, 2,000 liter brewhouse with glycol chilled fermenters and bright tanks as well as a 1,500 square foot tap room.

DreadHop Brewing continues to be a family owned and operated craft brewery focused on creating flavorful brews for the local and visiting community.  With the continued support of our beer loving friends, private and commercial, we hope to be here for many more years.

Head Office

Dreadhop Brewing

Brewery Lane

Gibbons Industrial Park, Gibbons

Christ Church, BB17101


Call : +1 (246) 622-1225

Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM