Head Office

Dreadhop Brewing

Brewery Lane

Gibbons Industrial Park, Gibbons

Christ Church, BB17101


Call : +1 (246) 231-1877





We are dedicated to creating fantastic, distinctive hand-crafted ales one small batch at a time. Our brewing process is extremely hands-on and a great deal of attention to detail is put into every batch of high-quality craft beer we create.

We are dedicated to producing refreshing beers that offer imagination and a flavourful profile. Our mission is also to re-educate the public on what good beer should taste like, as we have been misguided into believing that the mass produced, watery, so called beer we get here is good. In our opinion, A 'proper pint' should invoke an emotional, contemplative response in the drinker.  It should strike the perfect balance between, aroma, taste, malt complexity, and hop flavor/bitterness. We love beer and want you to love it too.

Beer is composed of four essential ingredients; malted barley, water, yeast, and hops.  At The Brew House, we carefully select our ingredients from all over the world employing every ingredient for a specific reason and purpose.  Our core beers represent a variety of beer styles focusing on aroma, mouthfeel and flavour. These beers we produce year round in 354 ml bottles or 20 liter kegs.